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How to become a certified home inspector in Milwaukee

Updated: Apr 30

Milwaukee’s real estate market is thriving, and your career as a home inspector can soar with it.

People face different challenges when buying, selling, or maintaining their homes. They want to know their properties better, especially whether the property is a viable investment or not. They need a professional to help them figure this out. Certified home inspectors are the professionals who can help here.

In 2021 alone, a Milwaukee home inspector’s workload peaked at about 590 inspections per year. These are too many inspections for a single inspector, meaning the demand is outpacing the supply.

So, if you’re planning to become a home inspector in Milwaukee, you’re on the right track.

If you need some insights into what it takes to become a home inspector, we’ve got this blog for you.

Read on for proper guidance.

The Scope of Home Inspectors in Milwaukee

Home inspectors are crucial to every real estate transaction in Milwaukee as they evaluate the property thoroughly, benefiting everyone involved.

If you also want to become a central player in Milwaukee’s real estate game, you need to have a keen eye for details with specialized knowledge. As a professional, you’ll be inspecting

• Structural integrity 

• Exterior and Interior Elements

• Roofing

• Plumbing 

• Electrical systems 

A home inspector conducts comprehensive inspections that provide invaluable insights into the property’s condition. This helps property owners make informed decisions. Usually, a home inspector is needed to conduct the inspection either before or after a property’s sale. But there are times when both inspections are needed in both instances. It all depends on the homeowner, seller, or buyer’s preference.

FYI, certified home inspectors are trusted individuals whose expertise goes beyond inspections. Most certified and experienced home inspectors also give home maintenance and repair tips.

The Requirements for Becoming a Home Inspector in Milwaukee?


If one wants to become a certified inspector in Milwaukee, there's a certain process to follow. First, you need to pass the National Home Inspection Examination. This exam focuses on Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Rules concerning home inspectors.

Furthermore, following the state regulations, you must also register with the state (Wisconsin) as a home inspector. Your inspections must also meet the standards set for being “reasonably competent and diligent.” This underscores the importance of professionalism and thoroughness in their work.

Prohibited Activities

Following the regulations, a home inspector isn’t allowed to engage in any repairs, maintenance, or enhancements to a structure they’ve inspected within the preceding two years. Now, why are they prohibited from doing this? This prohibition helps safeguard against conflicts of interest and ensures an unbiased inspection process.

So, if you’re becoming a home inspector in Milwaukee, you can also secure the trust and confidence of your clients - ensuring a satisfied clientele.

Training and Certification

Milwaukee has a particular requirement for certified home inspectors' training. Inspectors are expected to complete 40 hours of home inspection training, which has to be approved by the DSPS Education Provider. The inspector also has to pass the WI State Inspector Exam.

These training and certifications make the inspector well-versed in their services, making their services reliable for their clients.

Take your Home Inspector Career to the Next Level

The better you’re at your work, the more opportunities you’ll get. So, there’s no harm in going a bit extra besides being certified. You can take different steps in your journey to a well-versed inspector.

Specialized Training Courses

You can start by enrolling in specialized training courses or workshops that focus on specific areas of home inspections. For example, 

  • Radon testing

  • Mold inspection

  • Energy efficiency assessments 

These additional certifications will help broaden your skills and make you more competitive in the market.

Continuing Education

Education is the key to success. You must remain updated on the latest technologies, developments, and, most importantly, regulations in the home inspection industry. The best way to do this is by participating in continuing education programs. This might seem like a hassle initially, but many professional organizations and associations offer online courses, seminars, and conferences. All of these can give you valuable insights and knowledge.

Networking and Mentorship

You can also expand your connections by meeting with experienced home inspectors in Milwaukee. You can have more experienced inspectors to guide you through challenging situations. These individuals can also provide invaluable guidance, advice, and support as you navigate your career.

Professional Associations

Another step is joining professional associations such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). You’ll get access to resources, training materials, and networking opportunities. These associations often offer additional certification programs and resources for members. So you can benefit from these as well.

Specialized Certifications

You can also get additional certifications related to your interests or demands. These may include environmental assessments, commercial property inspections, or some other inspection. This will broaden the array of opportunities that you might get as a home inspector. These certifications will also help you be different and attract more clients with specific needs.

Customer Service and Communication Skills

You shall also invest in improving your customer service and communication skills. Both are crucial for building client relationships and conveying the documented inspection findings. This helps provide comprehensive, clear reports for addressing client concerns. This enhances your reputation and builds a strong clientele for repeat business and referrals.


To become a certified home inspector in Milwaukee, you must take important steps. The most important step is to understand your role first. Then you need to meet the education and experience requirements, and successfully pass the certification examination. This will not only certify you as a trusted home inspector but also help ensure the safety and integrity of the residential properties you inspect.

You can further elevate your career and serve your clients better with specialized education and improved communication.

If you want to learn all of this without having to spend decades, then the Homesight Home Inspection Academy is for you. Homesight, Inc CEO Dave Colesari condenses his 25 years of experience into this program so you can pursue your passion for home inspection without hassle.

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