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The Pros And Cons Of Working As A Home Inspector: What It's Really Like

Updated: May 23

Do you want to know what it's like to work as a home inspector? In this article, we'll learn about all the exciting and challenging aspects of being a home inspector, from the pros and cons of the job.

What is A Home Inspector?

A home inspector is a professional who inspects homes to ensure that they are safe and structurally sound. Home Inspectors in Milwaukee, WI, examine a home's interior and exterior, looking for signs of wear and tear, damage, or other problems. Some home inspectors with advanced training also test for things like mold, radon, and lead paint.

A home inspection is an essential step in the home-buying process, as it can help identify potential problems that could be expensive to fix. A good home inspector will provide a detailed report of their findings, which can help buyers decide whether to purchase a home.

Requirements For Being A Home Inspector

In order to become a home inspector, there are some requirements you must meet. First, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Next, you must complete an accredited home inspection training program and pass a national exam. Some states also require you to be licensed. Once you have met all the requirements, you will need to find a job with a home inspection company.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like For A Home Inspector?

A home inspector is responsible for inspecting the condition of homes and other properties. They must identify any problems with the property, such as structural, electrical, or plumbing issues. Home inspectors must also take photos of the property and provide a written report to their clients.

A typical day for a home inspector begins with meeting the client at the property. The inspector will then walk around the outside of the property to look for any visible damage or problems. Once inside, the inspector will check all of the rooms and areas of the house, including the attic and basement. The inspector will take note of any damages or problems and take photos as needed. After finishing the inspection, the inspector will compile a written report for their client detailing all of the findings.

Pros And Cons of Working As A Home Inspector

There are both pros and cons to working as a home inspector. The job can be gratifying, but it also has its challenges.

On the plus side, being a home inspector can be a great way to help people. You'll be able to work with customers to ensure that their homes are safe and in good condition. This can be a very gratifying experience, knowing that you're making a difference in people's lives.

In addition, working as a home inspector can be a great way to learn about different homes and construction techniques. No two homes are alike, so you'll always be learning something new on the job. This can make the job interesting and enjoyable.

However, some challenges come with being a home inspector. One of the biggest is dealing with customer complaints. While most customers are satisfied with your work, there will always be some who still need to. You need to have thick skin to deal with these situations and not take them personally.

Another challenge is managing your time effectively. Because you'll likely be working independently, it's essential that you stay organized and on schedule. This can be not easy at times, but it's necessary if you want to succeed in this career.

What You Need To Be Successful in This Industry

In order to be successful and known amongst the best home inspectors in Milwaukee, WI, you will need specific skills and qualities. First and foremost, you must have excellent attention to detail in order to catch any potential problems with the homes you inspect. Good communication skills are also necessary, as you will need to be able to clearly explain your findings to your clients. You should also be comfortable working independently, as most home inspectors work on their own. Finally, it is helpful if you are familiar with construction and repair methods, as this will give you a better understanding of what you are inspecting.

Advice For People Considering A Job As An Inspector

Many people choose to become home inspectors because they enjoy the independence and flexibility that comes with the job. However, there are a few things to consider before making the jump into this career.

First, home inspectors need to be detail-oriented and have good observational skills. They also need to be able to communicate their findings clearly to both clients and real estate agents.

Second, carrying out a Certified Home Inspection in Milwaukee is a physically demanding job. Inspectors often have to crawl around in attics and crawlspaces and climb ladders to access roofs.

Third, inspectors must be comfortable working with technology. They use a variety of tools, including moisture meters and thermal cameras, to help them conduct their inspections.

Fourth, inspectors need to be able to work independently. They typically work alone or with a small team, so they need to be self-motivated and organized.

If you're thinking about becoming a home inspector, make sure you weigh all the pros and cons before making your decision. It's essential to consider whether this career is the right fit for you.


Overall, working as a home inspector can be a great way to earn a living. You get to set your own hours, work independently, and help people protect their investments. However, there are also some downsides to the job. It can be physically demanding, you're always on the go, and there is potential for liability claims if something goes wrong. But it can be a rewarding career if you're up for the challenge and are willing to put in the work.

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